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  • 3D Printing Tech Company Desktop Metal Raises $ 160M

    Desktop Metal is founded in October 2015 by Rick Fulop, Joanna Myberg with its headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts, United States. It is a tech company related to the manufacturing industry that designs and markets metal 3D printing systems. The main purpose of desktop metal is to reinvigorate the way engineering and manufacturing teams typically produce […]

  • 10 Brand Building Tips with Web Design

    Branding plays an essential role in web design and development; The best web design agencies can help win over customers. Branding can be developed by the use of coherent gestures such as imagery, sounds, logos and phrases with which people come into contact. With the help of technology, branding becomes more natural, allowing people to […]

  • Easily run your business with Mitchurchin Time and Attendance Software

    If you are a business owner, then you should look for new and useful ways to increase the productivity of your business. Which also maintains your budget and does not disturb it, and without sacrificing the quality of services and products as well. Do you want you to manage your business so effectively that it […]

  • Hiring an IT company to do your marketing

    The Internet has become the main medium through which we conduct most of our commerce and business. Those who know the most about it mean that IT companies are best equipped to help your business navigate through it and utilize its maximum potential. The presence of viral marketing, growth hacking and SEO (search engine optimization) […]

  • Jobvite – Raises $ 200M + for Major Recruitment Industry Expansion

    Jobwhite – The recruitment industry was co-founded in 2006 by Jesper Schultes and Hans Larsen, headquartered in San Francisco, which is leading the next wave of recruitment innovation with continued innovation. A candidate-focused recruitment model is established using CCE, which helps companies provide their candidates with an accurate experience at the right time in the […]