Content intelligence platform ‘Notch’ raised $ 20M in B Series

Keonch was founded in 2012 by Enda Ganska and Stephanie Voltsun with their headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA. Notch is an independent supplier of real-time intelligence on digital marketing. Knots’ intelligence suite for brands allows marketers to have a comparative, real-time view that can be trusted between digital marketing efforts and even between partners and competitors.

Funds through series ‘B’

Recently, leading investors led by venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates and other investors such as Stanford-Startup Fund (Startup) and Giochi Burch, Notch, have raised $ 20M in the Series B funding round. According to co-founder and CEO of Notak as Enda Ganska, the newly raised amount will be used to promote innovation and expand services by increasing no.of customers. To date the Not Fund has raised a total of $ 34.3M from various funding rounds.

Knot products

Planning: Planning is to search for formats, partners and creative themes that treat audiences with predictive and verified intelligence.

Measure: Measurement is the understanding of the performance and impact of content on how the customer behaves, engages and feels with each piece of content.

Optimize: Nautch optimizes creative and distribution, power CRM and DMP platforms, and builds real-time strategies by gathering 1st party data.

Benchmark: Notch has a solid criteria with very intelligent data used to measure the progress and success of an organization’s content investment.

Dark Store was founded in the year 2017 by Lee Hentinka with its headquarters in San Francisco, USA. The Dark Store was first launched in the United Kingdom and later spread across the European Union, with France topping it.

The store’s mission is to give fulfillment to customers who are lost in today’s busy lives. Dark Store is also famous as Dark Supermarket and Dotcom Center. This means a distribution center or a European retail outlet, which feeds entirely for online shopping. The second biggest achievement of Dark Store is that it does not charge its customers any extra like any other company.


More recently, Dark Store has raised $ 7.5M with PivotNorth Capital as the lead investor and Cota Capital, Village Global, Firebolt Ventures as partner investors. These new funds will be used to develop distribution centers on the same day.

What is dark store?

In the Dark Store, the technology used is not a common technique among all e-commerce stores. The technology is reconstructed separately to achieve perfection. Costs are met to contact and satisfy customers.

Easy and fast delivery

Traditional Purti was born in the year 1997 with internet which is still not updated. Due to this inability to deliver products to customers and lack of satisfaction. But it is different at Dark Store. Shipping is more efficient which brings customer fulfillment closer. This led to faster delivery and improved accessibility for all.

Honest perfection

25{cf66009b72827cec12c9575acffd7288b328321582b51e0a38036c54a0315a70} of the total percentage of an average brand’s revenue is spent on fulfillment, mostly due to inefficient traditional fulfillment practices. But for a brand the cost is brought down to 3{cf66009b72827cec12c9575acffd7288b328321582b51e0a38036c54a0315a70} with the Dark Store. The only reason for this change is honest fulfillment.

Simplicity and ease

Logistics and fulfillment are complex, and this is the reason to start making the Dark Store easy and simple. Purti operates on the Dark Store with its intelligent routing and API. Its fast delivery speed is combined with very low prices.

Automation and AI

The focus of Dark Store is to make fulfillment better than any other store. The way fulfillment is achieved can be achieved by implementing the latest AI and robotic automation. It will improve the course of the world, moreover, to reduce the value for fulfillment and create capacity.

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