E-commerce technology startup ‘ContentSquare’ raises $ 60M

Content Square is an e-commerce technology startup founded in 2012 by Jonathan Cherky with headquarters located in the European Union region. Today it is spread in various countries such as London, Paris, New York and Munich. Content Square creates state-of-the-art solutions that help its customers understand their digital audience so that they can better connect with their customers or customers in every step.

A single line of code provided by Content Square can easily increase the effectiveness of an e-commerce website. The content class is a whimsical solution for web customer experience and mobile optimization. Features such as easy to use, integrated, fast and simple Content Square The Gateway The Gate Gateway for your customers to communicate.

Apart from these,

Content Square Optimization provides visitors with very deep insights on purchasing and browsing behavior without relying on foreknowledge to make decisions. Content Square helps understand the impact of sales on each element of each page, knowing how customers navigate on websites, determining how to make the right decisions that make customer experience, usability, and some other metrics Is measured by

Funds raised – Series C round

With support from other investors such as Highland Europe, Cannon Partners, and H14 as major investors from a private equity firm Eurazio, Content Square has raised $ 60M in a Series C funding round. According to the founder and CEO of Jonathan Cherky Content Square, the newly raised funds will be used to improve digital retail experiences and R&D. With this new addition, Content Square raised the total funding to $ 122M.

Industries support this for the content category –

Content Square expands its solutions to various industries such as

Motor vehicle
Apart from these, Content Square has also started supporting fashion, cosmetics, luxury, B2B and many other domains in search.

ContentSquare for Automotive

In the case of automotive industries, ContentSquare offers everything they need to create a user-friendly platform, more personalized, and also drive user engagement for conversions. It also helps in engagement and generation growth, selling more goods, empowering the team and building a brand.

ContentSquare for Finance

With the advent of technology, digital disruption has completely changed the way people manage their insurance and money. ContentSquare has lent its support to many leading brands currently in the finance sector to handle the migration from their traditional to digital and connectivity issues with their customers. Some domains that Content Square has handled are building online customer trust, boosting completion, gaining more customers, optimizing app interactions, team empowerment, fully compliant technology Are providing.

ContentSquare for Travel

As modern travelers navigate more using digital touchpoints, ContentSquare helps leading travel brands understand each person’s expectations and unique needs. Some of those travel features include improving site performance on mobile and applications, boosting ancillary sales, optimizing the booking process, increasing search and travel eligibility, measuring content ROI and empowering teams.

Content class for mobile and desktop

Typically, traditional analytics state that a firm is losing its customers, but the reason why it is losing is not given. Whereas ContentSquare being a digital platform helps businesses know why and where customers have lost track of their application. Solutions that ContentSquare offers are advanced session replay, zone-based heat maps, customer journey analytics, Mindset methodology, AI Insights and alerts.

The conclusion

With its unique and innovative features and services such as training and knowledge transfer programs, streamlined website optimization and expert guidance in providing solutions for various domains, ContentSquare has become the most trusted and viable solution provider for many businesses. COntentSquare is expanding at a much higher rate than other startups, with its wide range of coverage across different domains.

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