NURO – Self-propelled delivery vehicle raises $ 940M

Neuro – The technology company’s mission is to accelerate the future, where life is made easier by using robotics and artificial intelligence in everyday life in 2016 with headquarters in San Francisco, California, co-founded by Jiajun Zhu and Dave Ferguson Was done.

To accomplish this mission, Neuro is comprised of a team of entrepreneurs and engineers, scientists and designers, who believe that the field they are building today on robotics and machine learning is designed to dramatically improve the lives of tomorrow will cause. He is a stalwart in robotics, consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles and automotive from large industries like Google, Apple, Tesla, Waymo and GM. The first stage, built by Neuro, is a self-driving vehicle used to transport local goods.

Funding – Series B

More recently, Series B funding as a leader investor led by a venture capital firm SoftBank Vision Fund, Neuro has raised a whopping $ 940M. With this, the total funding by Neuro was raised to $ 1B with support from investors including Garong Capital, Greylock Partners and SoftBank. These newly raised funds will be used to expand Neuro’s delivery service, new partners will be added, self-driving bots’ own fleet and staff will be hired.

Self-driving vehicle features

Neuro’s on-road vehicle is a fully autonomous vehicle designed to carry goods quickly, safely and easily.

Designed for delivery

Customers can reach anywhere, anytime, anywhere using the Neuro’s vehicle.
A safe neighbor

There is no scope for the driver or passengers to worry. The vehicle was engineered from the ground up to keep it out of what is also protected from inside.

Affordable facility.

Neuro vehicles can be affordable by anyone as it caters to the needs of life at convenient prices.
Security innovation

Lower speed operation

Neuro’s self-propelled vehicle is specifically designed to run at or below 25 mph. Such low speed allows more time for response and thus prevents collisions. Since there are no passengers, which means drive extra time carefully and always be on the safe side

Lightweight, narrow and more agile vehicles

Since there will be no passengers, no requirements such as leather seats or stereo, power windows or steering wheel exist. It frames the vehicle on a very narrow frame and reduces width compared to a typical stereo car. And it also avoids a collision if suddenly someone exits the driveway or comes in the middle because there will be more space for obstacle navigation. In addition, it reduces weight while cutting the stopping distance.

Self-sacrifice ability

The Neuro’s vehicle has an in-built mechanism such that in the worst of a vehicle encounter with an unavoidable collision, the vehicle has an opportunity to prioritize human safety, other road users, and occupied vehicles compared to its contents.

Safety-enhanced vehicle front-end

Neuro is engineering its vehicle with specific attention to minimize the physical damage caused by a pedestrian strike. Although the priority is to avoid conflicts, it is always good to be prepared for any scenario. Neuro uses soft materials for both front and rear panels to protect pedestrians. Neuro has also designed its front-end which acts as a ‘crumple zone’ which reduces injury potential.

The conclusion

Neuro believes that great technology should be for the benefit of all. So to create that type of technology, Neuro is accelerating the limits of robotics for the betterment of human life. All these innovative ideas and applying them in real life caused Neuro to be the top technology manufacturing organization and input flow of funds for its further growth and development.

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