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What is copy right claim?

Many many user suffer this problem. Today i discuss to you copyright claim related issue. And also discuss How to solve it. When user copy the images or website content and paste or use their YouTube channel or website .

Google banned those video or content, Because those content are copy from some one. So notice you unique content .Not use any copy right content. Lets start some more discuss ” Copy Right Claim“.


Content copyright claim

Few website has ranking on google search engine. And they have good and unique content.

But some time some new website holder read their content and copy the content. And run some article spinner. And create a unique content and paste their own website. And they think their content are unique.

But not the true. Google algorithm are very fast and clever then user. Search engine are detect your content and claim copy right . So remember don’t copy content other website. Write always yourself.

Same on YouTube . Many viral video content are available on YouTube. And those video creator are earning their video. But some user copy the video content and use their own channel. And after some time later this video go on copyright claim.

So remember don’t copy the video from other channel. Create your video own voice. and create unique.

Image copyright claim is most variable factor on internet. when you used Image on website or article. Always use alt attribute. And don’t download from google image section.

How many copyright claim on internet?

  • Article copyright claim
  • YouTube video copyright claim
  • Image copyright claim

According to the complaint, Wooten claims this is possible because he sold and promoted the book in Wilmington, N., a place that the show’s creators have previously said was a source of inspiration. Wooten is seeking payment for damages as well as ongoing royalties, and has requested a trial by jury.


Some website i will tell you where you will get always copyright free images. So lets know about website .

  • https://pixabay.com/
  • https://www.pexels.com/
  • https://unsplash.com/

These website are really great website. Just go on  website and download and compress and paste your website article. I will 100 {cf66009b72827cec12c9575acffd7288b328321582b51e0a38036c54a0315a70} guaranteed no copyright claim from these website.

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