What is SEO meaning? most important for 2021

What is SEO meaning?

Seo belong to website related word. But have to know full form about SEO. SEO meaning or full form is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. Here is the more definition with example. You have to read carefully.

seo meaning

Search engines are tools to find information from available documents. Search results are generally displayed in the form of a list which is often sorted according to the level of accuracy or the ratio of visitors to a file known as hits .

Information that is the target of the search can be found in various types of files such as pages websites , images, or other types of files. Several search engines are also known to collect information on data stored in a database or web directory .

1. Google is the greatest search engine with the fastest access times and light page loads.

Until now, Google is still “The King Of Search Engine” in the world. Google is the most popular search engine in cyberspace to find desired information, it can be in the form of searching for website addresses, images, files, or knowing websites, topics, and much more.

Google is an American company, founded by Larry Page alumnus of the University of Michigan and Sergey Brin. Only by typing the keywords we are looking for, Google will automatically provide answers that are given more than we want.

seo meaning
2. Yahoo!

Website : www.yahoo.com
Yahoo! Search is currently the second largest search engine after Google.Yahoo! Is a multinational company based in Sunnyvale, California, United States. Yahoo! Inc. by Jery Yang and David Filo.Yahoo! Search provides a free email facility, which allows users to search for various categories, such as websites, images, news, videos, and audios. These search engines always display words that are similar to the keywords being searched for.

3. Bing

Website : www.bing.com
Bing is a form of reincarnation made by Microsoft for its three previous search engines including Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search. Bing has a new technology that is believed to be able to provide more accurate search results because it uses PowerSet technology.

Bing classifies searches based on four categories, namely: search for web pages or websites, image search, news search, who searches and what Bing users search the most.

seo meaning
4. Ask

Website : www.ask.com
Ask.com is a search engine that is currently popular. Ask.com was founded in 1996 by Garret Gruener and David Warthen.

Ask.com was originally named Ask Jeeves, Jeeves is the name of a waiter whose job is to retrieve answers to every question given, therefore Ask.com can be interpreted as a search engine that allows users to get answers to every question. Ask.com also has a Community Q&A feature which functions a lot like Yahoo Answers.

5. MSN

Website : www.msn.com
This search engine was created by Microsoft which consists of an engine, index, and web crawler.  MSN offers both keyword and directory searches.

This search engine provides map searches, yellow pages, white pages, job searches, homes and is able to search for videos, music, images, and a variety of special file formats.

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